Web Content Writing

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This is an intensive 6-week course where students will learn effective skills and techniques for writing effective web content that will hold the reader's attention. This course will cover everything from understanding how visitors read a web page and writing techniques to measuring the results of your improved writing. This course is ideal for students beginning to dabble in the art of online writing to the more advanced web writer looking to polish their skills.

Applicable Job Roles: web project managers, and webmasters.

Week 1: Importance of Writing Effective Web Content
  • How visitors read on the web
  • Search engine standings
Week 2: Effective Web Content Writing Techniques
  • Identify goals of your website
  • Writing for your target audience
  • Headlines and titles
Week 3: Effective Web Content Writing Techniques (continued)
  • Too much or not enough information - finding the happy medium
  • Common mistakes
Week 4: The Writing and Design Relationship
  • Aesthetically pleasing pages
  • Page layout
Week 5: Creativity in Web Writing
  • Incorporating creative writing without going overboard
  • Ways to stand out from your competition
Week 6: Measuring the Effect of Improved Writing
  • Methods of tracking web analytics
  • Analyzing the web analytics

Required Book Killer Web Content

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Price: $200.00
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Course No.: B123
Instructor Instructor Needed
CEUs 3
Duration 6 weeks
Cost 40
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InstructorWe are looking for an instructor to teach this class. Please visit http://www.eclasses.org/instructors/ for more information.
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"The instructor pointed us to great resources and the interaction with other students really makes the class stand out." - Diane Garcia
"The class was very informative. I like that it used modern and up to date information. It was current and so was the book. Reading out of format order, jumping around was a bit challenging, but I love the web pages for backup and to see that things were as it were taught. Class interaction was good. We were able to dialogue with student and teacher. Almost like it is with my college online courses. I was impressed. This was good." - Priscilla Estes
"The class was very user friendly-having never taken an on-line course I was worried about finding my way around. The class discussions were very helpful and the assignments were not overwhelming and enjoyed being able to work on our own website." - Lil Mansfield
"What I thought was simple has openned my eyes and clarified to me important points in writing web content. The guidance of the instructor is always direct to the point. She is wonderful and very kind" - Vicente Inola
"I liked this course. I learnt a lot through the different readings. In this way I have collected a lot of information about how to manage web content, but also about the web world. I think that is very usefull also read how the other students have done the assignment of each week and the answers of Stepanie. During the course you have the chance to learn in every moment something, from different point of view. I appreciated a lot how Stephanie has followed us and her advises. Thank you" - Paola Cuman
"Great introductory course for content writing on the web. I love the book and go back to it time after time." - Caitlin Allion
"The material in this course provided an excellent guideline for keeping content focused on the audience and not on the excessive detail that we sometimes feel compelled to provide. I would recommend it to any writer or technologist." - Mary Domazet
"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will be able to apply so much of what I have learned to not only my company's website, but also to the new website I am creating for my own business." - Alanna Lindl
"Great Class! I would be interested in taking an advanced course if offered in the future." - Rhonda Lemoine