Interactive e-Survey Strategies

This course will expose students to a hands-on, working knowledge of Interactive Web Surveys. Students will engage in a multiple-sensory learning process built on a foundation of co-creative data mining and collection, which is then integrated with real-world engagements in order to yield predictive outcomes.

Exploring both Traditional and “Next Generation” e-Survey approaches, each student implements a personal mini-capstone deliverable, which will incorporate the skills gathered from the progressive phases of this courses journey. The students learn the art-and-science of progressively deploying an applied knowledge of an integrative Traditional /“Next Generation”, Interactive e-Survey lifecycle to a variety of situations. The major outcome is that students gain an intimate understanding of how to strategically create Interactive e-Surveys for collecting, analyzing and interpreting as well as leveraging traditional as well as “Next Generation”/Real-Time data mining in order to co-create a loyal customer-base.

Upon course completion, students will be equipped to strategically implement Interactive e-Surveys for their personal, business, and/or community organization developmental efforts. If you are ready to seriously understand and/or implement Interactive e-Surveys Strategies, this class is a MUST TAKE!

Applicable Job Roles: webmasters and web content managers.

Week 1: What is your Purpose for Conducting an Interactive e-Survey? – BRAINSTORMING
  • Is it time to conduct an (another) Online Survey?
  • Determining Your Goals.
  • Overviewing E-Survey Modalities: Traditional, Digital or both?
  • Listen, Analyze, Understand and Engage - Foundational Overview.
  • Identifying your Interactive e-Survey Stakeholders.
  • Pinpointing e-Stakeholder Expectations.
  • Understanding Your Customer (respondents/Co-Creators).
  • HANDS-ON/CASE STUDY: Students Brainstorm towards Strategic e-Survey Outcome(s) - Conceptualization.
Week 2: Getting Your Strategic Interactive e-Survey Process Started - PLANNING
  • Initiate and Plan the Survey Launch
    • Delivery Mode Comparative Analysis Planning (Traditional vs. ”Next Generation”)
    • Listen, Analyze, Understand and Engage – The Iterative Process.
    • Strategic E-Survey Modalities: (Web searches, online questionnaires, customer feedback, your future business prospects, focus groups, quantitative online, active listening, etc…)
    • Online Delivery Options
      • Email, Pop-up, banner, Website, Social Media, Portable Devices and Applications, Other (e-Focused), Mixed-mode (blended), e-Communities
  • CASE STUDY/HANDS-ON: Interactive e-Survey Action Plan
Week 3: Survey Methods and Tools - CREATION
  • Listen, Analyze, Understand and Engage – The Iterative Process.
    • Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, KwikSurveys, FluidSurveys, e-Surveys, SurveyGizmo,
    • Co-Creation
    • E-Communities, Active Listening,
  • Building your Interactive e-Survey Mind Map
  • Clarity Is King!
  • Paperless Reduction Act and 508 Compliance
  • HANDS-ON EXERCISE: Students Construct their Interactive e-Survey
Week 4: Collect Responses - EXECUTING
  • Surveying for data – Data Mining
  • Getting Personal
    • Ideas, habits, values and behavior
    • Uncovering the unseen data -The Big Four: what, why , how and who
  • Creating Survey Questions
    • Types, Length, Number, Frequency
  • Gathering Data Real-Time
  • HANDS-ON EXERCISE: Testing 1-2-3 – Student deploy/engage their Interactive e-Survey
Week 5: The Analytics and Metrics of Survey - ANALYZING
  • Identifying Relevant and Meaningful Metrics
    • Response Rates
    • Return on Expectation (ROE)
    • Keywords
  • Understanding the “Art and Science” Analyzing your Data
    • Predictive Analytics
      • Quantitative – Statistical Method(s) - Analytics
      • Qualitative – Computer-Assisted/direct-response (CATI)
      • Quantitative and Qualitative - ONLINE
  • HANDS-ON EXERCISE: Students perform data analytics and metrics (Pictures, videos, graphics and real-time data capture)
  • Week 6: Reflections – LESSONS LEARNED
    • Leveraging your Analytics and Metrics to ensure strategic, organic SEO deployments
    • Using your Analytics-centric Outcomes to Speak to the Voice of The Customer
    • Mastering Organic Customer
    • HANDS-ON EXERCISE: “Putting It All Together” – Mini-Capstone
    There are no additional software requirements for the course. The students' systems should be Internet ready and capable of surfing the web in a timely fashion. Students should have basic computer skills and be able to download files, copy/paste, locate files on their hard drive, use attachments, etc.
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    Price: $240.00
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    Course No.: B205
    Instructor Michael Crawley
    CEUs 3
    Duration 6 weeks
    Cost 56
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    Instructor's Profile:
    InstructorMichael L. Crawley, MBA, PMP has 20+ years of information technology experience. In addition, Michael has been engaged in internet, digital multimedia production, training, e-learning, gamification and e-Commerce project delivery since the inception of PC-based digital media technology. He was instrumental on the internet team that initiated one of the first U.S.-based, Online News Media presences, COX owned and ABC affiliate WSOC TV, Channel 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina - . The Charlotte affiliate came online just days before its Atlanta counterpart, WSB-TV. Michael has created and delivered thousands of hours of multimedia/web-based training and information products. He has deployed projects for companies such as Pearson Education, ITT Technical Institute, AT&T, Motient Wireless Communications, Grainger, NSConline, Intelligent Environments, Financial Software Services and Support, Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Vanstar Corporation, Financial Services and Law Groups, Healthcare organizations as well as Entrepreneurial, Executive Suite and C-Level stakeholders to name a few organizations. He manages the delivery of worldwide product training materials including: PPT; web training for Internet, Intranet, Extranet platforms; marketing and technical video delivered via CD; as well as interactive case studies for marketing / sales / VAR. Michael is currently involved in video and animation-based multimedia projects for business, community and spiritual entities. He helps direct and produce as well as to conduct story research, shoots, storyboarding, videography and video editing of multimedia packages. Michael Crawley specializes in e-commerce, gamification and online instructional design and training delivery modalities with an emphasis on streaming multimedia, e-Business, e-Learning as well as the mobile integration of learning and business solutions.
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