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Email Marketing and Strategies covers the importance of email marketing in today's competitive business environment. Students will learn tips for developing an email database, creating relevant content and designing emails, and analyzing tracking results to improve performance.

Applicable Job Roles: web marketer and business owner

Week 1: The Importance of Email Marketing
  • The Role of Marketing
  • Email as a Marketing Tool
  • Benefits of Email Marketing vs. Other Marketing Mediums
  • Email Marketing's Ability to Drive Traffic and Generate Sales
Week 2: Establishing a Database
  • Importance of an Email Database
  • Methods to Collect Emails
  • List Rental Options
  • Compliance With CAN SPAM Act
Week 3: Creating Relevant Content
  • Differences from Print and Online Content
  • Components to Writing Effective Email Copy
  • Type of Information to Include in Email Marketing
  • Writing Subject Lines
Week 4: Newsletter Design and Layout
  • Design Elements to Include in an Email
  • Customizing an Email Design
  • Incorporating Images in an Email
  • Testing the Email Design
Week 5: Utilizing Feedback Tools
  • Benefits of Email Surveys
  • Developing the Survey Questions
  • Creating and Sending the Survey Invite
  • Testing the Email Survey
Week 6: Analyzing the Effectiveness
  • Data Obtained from Email Marketing
  • The Value of the Email Click
  • Analyzing the Data for Performance
  • Adjusting Email Marketing to Improve Performance

Required Book Email Marketing By the Numbers

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