Introduction to SQL Server

MS SQL Server is a “world-class” Relational Database Information System platform. Incorporating a tremendous power to scale data as well as the ability to transcend an array of data sources, scaling desktops, portable devices (phones, tablets), and data centers as well as private and/or public clouds. This course is for anyone who is interested in gaining an understanding and a working knowledge of SQL via the flexible MS SQL Server toolset.

Designed to facilitate beginners and/or knowledgeable SQL enthusiasts, this is a hands-on course, which de-mystifies the basics of Administering Microsoft SQL. Topics include: learning how to create and manipulate database objects such as tables, indexes, views, and triggers. Students will learn SQL basics that apply to MS SQL as well as to any major Relational Database Management System (RDBMS); the students will also be introduced to the basics of using SQL Server on the Web. Students will enhance problem solving, analytical and implementation abilities worth maximum currency. Upon completion of this course, students will be a valuable, revenue producing resource on the job and/or in business.

Applicable Job Roles: web programmers, web application developers, database administrators, web designers and data management stakeholders of any sort.

Week 1: SQL Server Basics
  • Client-Server database architecture and SQL Server architecture
  • Installing MS SQL Server (2008, 2012 or earlier)
  • Tables, relational databases, SQL and database objects
  • Design and develop MS SQL Server databases and tables
  • Referencing objects in SQL Server databases
  • Obtaining information from database tables
  • SQL Server security
Week 2: Understanding Tables and Databases
  • Creating databases manually
  • Creating databases with database wizard
  • Defining a maintenance plan wizard
  • Databases using Transact-SQL
  • Database manipulation: characteristics and deletions
  • Working with tables
Week 3: Indexes and Views
  • The basics of index structures
  • Creating and working with indexes
  • Indexes and table architecture
  • Creating views (including using view manager)
  • Working with views
  • Indexed views
Week 4: Database Diagrams, The Query Analyzer and SQL Basics
  • Working with diagrams
  • Diagramming for pubs database
  • Server connectivity and Screen management
  • Working with queries
  • SQL essentials (select, create table, insert, delete, update)
Week 5: Stored Procedures, Triggers and Replication
  • Components of stored procedures
  • Creating and working with stored procedures/system stored procedures
  • Components of triggers
  • Creating and working with triggers
  • Replication model and types of replication
  • Merge replication
Week 6: Data Transformation Services (DTS), Back Ups/Restores, Users, Roles, Logins and Analysis Manager
  • Creating, importing and exporting DTS
  • Creating, scheduling backups and restores
  • Authentication types, users, roles, security plans
  • Configuring DSN, loading analysis manager and working with cubes
  • Work on a final project
MS SQL Server 2012 or previous version, installed on a Windows computer. Download a free copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2 Express at:
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At no Additional Cost, Multimedia (Audio/Video/Gaming), content may be used as part of this courses learning resources.

Suggested Book Microsoft SQL Server 2012 A Beginners Guide 5/E

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Price: $220.00
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Course No.: MS331
Instructor Michael Crawley
CEUs 3
Duration 6 weeks
Cost 50
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Instructor's Profile:
InstructorMichael L. Crawley, MBA, PMP - has over 25 years of information technology experience. He has mastered mainframe, client-server and mid-range systems computing and Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMs) throughout his career. He has worked with e-Commerce/e-Learning RDBMs since the evolution of e-Commerce/e-Learning. Michael is currently the President of Jenai Communications, a technology services, consulting and training company. He has the honor of being a member of the first Compaq (now HP) Computer/Microsoft Corporation Designated Master Accredited Systems Engineer - SQL Server team to achieve this distinct certification in the North America. An emerging technology/business strategist, Michael has a passion for reading, learning and teaching.
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"Absolutely enjoyed the whole learning process. The course is certainly intense, and I have gained a good understanding of database because of this course. I have to say I've really learnt a great deal from Michael , who is very helpful. Many thanks!" - Ching Hsin Shih
"Great Class! I enjoyed it and learned a lot. Well planned and organized, a lot of helpfull links. Thank you!" - Robert Russinov
"The instructor was very helpful, and I did get all that I was seeking and more in this course. I did not think that I'd gain such knowledge on a web based course, and this has turned my train of thought around. Thanks!" - Candace Hall
"If you want a "dive in head first" kind of experience, and you want to learn as much as you can about SQL Server in a single class, this is for you. The instructor gives great instructions and good notes, and the assignments are pretty all-inclusive. It was a good experience for me, even as a beginnner." - Holly Cornish
"I like the course very much. It gives you a good intro into the database world." - Amar Gonzalez
"Very useful course for creating databases with SQL server. With this course you can manage your data for your own web without difficult issues." - Javier Ruiz Canela
"I really learned a lot in this class. It was geared toward independent learning & although I struggled a little at first, once I got the hang of it everything fell into place. Michael was a great instructor." - Barbara Bradley
"Although I do better in a classroom atmosphere, this class was over $1,000 less then the other and I learned enough to be able to understand all the basics so I can read the book further and learn more on my own. The instructor was excellent!!!!" - Rachelle Van Duser
"This was a great class... The instructor is very helpful and quick to get back to you whether you have a question or you just want to know how you did on your assignment. He makes learning SQL Server, a potentially very challenging subject, easy to understand and learn!" - Sherrie Fowler
"The lecture notes/discussion were well structured and the assignments meshed well with the lecture/notes discussion. The book was more useful as a reference to facilitate the learning from the lecture notes/discussion rather than a sole source of course material. The instructor was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable of the subject matter. He did a very good job. It was a good class!" - Howard Liberman
"I enjoyed the class, and Mike C, the instructor, was very helpful and of course, knowledgeable. The weekly assignments were effective and challenging; the structure of the course provided a good framework for me to work through the subject. An excellent intro to SQL." - Merle Mason
"I've learned things that I am able to apply directly on my job--saving thousands in outside consulting fees. The assignments were difficult to fit into my busy schedule, but well worth the time." - Ronnie Streff
"Michael was dedicated throughout this course ensuring students understood the basic concepts of creating and manipulating database objects such as tables, indexes, views, and triggers using Microsoft SQL Server. He had numerous links to external resources within his lesson plans that helped to grasp an all around understanding of the chapters discussed. He answered questions in a timely manner and was encouraging throughout the course. I would recommend taking a class with Michael Crawley to other students. He's in the business of helping students succeed and reach their goals. I can't say the same for all of the classes I've taken here." - Mylene Daniels
"A great class - i've picked up what i need to become more valuable at work. i'm now participating in conversations that meant little to me before, making my QA work more valuable to the company. Mike is an extremely positive person - i found that every time i logged in i found myself grinning. a relentlessly positive attitude was nice to be in contact with! Thanks Mike!" - Aaron Fineshriber