Introduction to jQuery

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library originally written by John Resig in 2006. As an open source library, it is always beeing updated and refined by a growing community of contributors.

jQuery is both designers and developers for easy content selection and manipulation for creating subtitle to 'flashy' effects. One of the great advantages of using jQuery is that it is by default automatically compatiable with all current browsers (IE, FF, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.) so testing is streamlined and efficient.

Designers and developers can use jQuery to have complete access to all CSS styles of any element on a web page, effortless web page content manipulation via filters and patterns, detection or creation of events (mouse movement or click), moving, hiding and fading elements and much more.

Many companies are using jQuery including: Amazon, Google, Twitter, Bank of America, BBC, ESPN, CBS News, Digg, Reuters, IBM, Netflix, Dell, Oracle, and many more. This course will show you step-by-step how to make the most out your existing web pages using jQuery.

Applicable Job Roles: web designer, and UI web developer.

Objectives for this class are:

  • Install and setup a web page to use jQuery
  • Understanding the basics of jQuery 'dot' syntax
  • How jQuery selectors work
  • How to reference and manipulate web page content
  • Creating basic animation
  • Understanding how events work and create interactive content
  • Implementing validation with XHTML forms
  • Using the jQuery UI Plugin
  • Creating a simple image slideshow
  • Updating a web basic website project
Week 1: Getting Started with jQuery
  • Downloading and use jQuery
  • Syntax overview
  • Understanding jQuery chaining
  • Anatomy of a jQuery Script
  • Creating your first script(s)
Week 2: Selecting, Decorating and Enhancing
  • Using basic jQuery filters
  • Using basic jQuery attrbute filters
  • Child, content and visibility filters
  • Traversing document content
  • Setting CSS Properties
  • Adding CSS classes
Week 3: Manipulating Content
  • Creating, Setting and Getting Content
  • Manipulation of Attributes
  • Inserting Content
  • Working with CSS Information
Week 4: Animation Effects
  • How events work
    • jQuery Event Object
    • Binding events
  • Effect functions: animate(), click(), hover(), toggle()
  • Creating a simple image slideshow
  • Using Plugins: Tabs, Panels and Panes examples
  • Using jQuery for Form Validation
Week 5: jQuery UI and Forms
  • Using JQuery Mobile
  • Overview of features
  • Understanding page architectureCreating using headers, footers, and toolbars
  • Naviation bars and button basics
  • Touch and Scroll Events
Students should be very knowledgeable in XHTML and CSS and have a solid understanding of JavaScript (Introduction to JavaScript and/or Intermediate JavaScript class).

Web Hosting: Web space to post assignments, preferably without banner ads

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Price: $200.00
WITI Price: $140.00
Course No.: P135
Instructor Frank Stepanski
CEUs 2
Duration 5 weeks
Cost 40
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Instructor's Profile:
InstructorFrank Stepanski has over nine years experience in the IT field ranging from Senior Analyst, Designer and Web Developer. Frank has worked with technologies such as PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, SQL Server as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He has also taught web programming classes over five years at a local community college as well as online classes.
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"I found the class to be an excellent introduction to jQuery. When I was done, I was able to add all sorts of cool effects to my sites. I highly recommend the jQuery class to anyone who wants a thorough understanding of the basics. Phillip Thomas" - Phillip Thomas
"I found this course very interesting and useful. I enjoyed the materials, the exercises and the teacher's responses were great. Thank you." - Margaret McCoey
"The Intro to jQuery class with Frank Stepanski was just what I needed. I had been looking to tweak one of my sites with something other than PHP. The assignments were all relevant and showed me things that I could immediately implement into my normal design work. Thanks for the great class!" - Elvis Sherman
"Hadn't used jQuery before, although had seen it around a lot. Was impressed by the class and the help Frank provided. Great examples and assignments. Well woth learning and used in real-life work. Looking forward to a more advanced course." - Stephen Catto
"Loved Frank's class -- the lessons and assignments really helped me get a better handle on the possibilities with jQuery and I'm hoping there will be an Intermediate class soon. I really enjoyed our last lesson covering jQuery Mobile -- I would def. sign up for a course just on that aspect of it. I think it would be a great compliment to the "Mobile Application UI Design" class that I am also taking here." - Toni Bonitto Burwell
"Great class! The examples and assignments were great. I hope there is a follow up class to this." - Rebeca Kline
"This is an excellent course with very good resources on the cutting edge of development and a concerned, engaged instructor (Frank Stepanski) who gives well thought out assignments and responds very well to questions. I would welcome an intermediate level class on jquery." - Walt Howe
"Very helpful class on a useful piece of technology. The lessons were very good. Wish there was a follow-on class to build on this one." - Hope Tillman
"This class gave me the fundamentals of jQuery that I needed for my work. The curriculum was clear and the class moved at a good pace. Frank was very responsive and willing to help when needed. If an Intermediate jQuery class is offered, I will definitely sign up for it!" - Sherri Botterbusch
"Great class. Frank is very helpful and I learned a lot." - Kelly Blumer
"I am extremely happy with the instruction and fun in the class. I had "played" around with JQuery before but this class made me see how it can be used in the real world. I highly recommend" - Richelle Anderson
"Frank is patient and encouraging -class notes are comprehensive and the class is well taught. I can see the new world of jquery opening up before me and I am looking forward to using it. Jill Johnson" - Jill Johnson
"Frank was very supportive, and offered a ton of info packed into 5 lessons. He made me think and thats great. Thanks for a good interaction. Hope that intermediate jquery will follow and Im glad I took this class for Im gonna put the new knowledge into practice. Dorothy" - Dorothy Wegmueller-Ngudle