About the Classroom
Instructors post lectures, reading assignment, and hands-on assignment once a week. eClassessm start on a certain date but this format has no set meeting time, which allows students to attend class at a time most convenient to them. Students only need to complete the assignment within one week and continue with another assignment in the following week.

The main benefit of our eClassessm is the interaction among you, your instructor and other students in classroom (online message board). Students can post comments or questions to the instructor or other students, share ideas, communicate about your learning experience, or discuss topics of the course with other interested students.

What are CEUs?
One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is generally defined as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship and qualified instruction. For instructor-led online learning, each course is assigned a number of CEUs for that course which may not relate to the total number of hours an individual takes to complete the course. The number of CEUs awarded is the average number of hours required to complete a course.

Class Schedule
Click on the Open eClassessm link to see the list of eClassessm that are open for registration now. The same class is offered every 2-3 months.

If you are interested in a class but it's not on the Open eClassessm list, you can click on Course Catalog link and go to the description page for the class. Then you can add to your wish list and we will send you an email when the class is open.

Registration Deadline
The last day to register for a class is the start date of that class.

Student Center
Below is the list of what you can do in the Student Center:
  • Register for new eClassessm
  • Get the list of your previous and current courses
  • Get your payment history
  • Check your final grades
  • Apply for class completion certificates
  • Apply for Web Study certificates
  • Check your Web Study certificate application status
  • Post testimonials for your eClassessm
  • Purchase Prepaid Credits for yourself or friends
  • Update your email and mailing address
Certified Web Specialist FAQ
To view more information regarding our Certified Web Specialist (CWS) certifications please visit the Certification FAQ page.