Web Technologies Courses

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Oct 30, 2017 Mobile Web Design (H104.86)
Creating Web content that displays well and plays properly on the vast and ever-growing number of mobile devices available
Price: $240.00. WITI Price: $180.00
Oct 30, 2017 HTML5 Introduction (H105.84)
Learn HTML5 from a task-oriented perspective, by learning not only HTML terms and theory, but also how to use it to design.
Price: $240.00. WITI Price: $180.00
Oct 30, 2017 Introduction to CSS3 (H154.86)
Learn special effects, animations, transitions, gradients and other features of CSS3.
Price: $240.00. WITI Price: $180.00
Nov 13, 2017 Introduction to Sass (H155.14)
Sass makes CSS fun again. As interfaces and web applications become more robust and complex, we’re bending the original design of CSS to do things it never dreamed of doing.
Price: $180.00. WITI Price: $120.00
Nov 13, 2017 Web Animation with CSS and JavaScript (H160.14)
This class will focus on all three types of animation (static, stateful and dynamic) as well as talk about motion design theory, then get into the code of how to implement it on the web using either CSS or JavaScript.
Price: $180.00. WITI Price: $120.00